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At Euphoria Massage & Energetics, we want to help you feel good and be at your best, and in your least stressed state of being.  We do this by helping you to relax as we use a combination of therapeutic massage, subtle energy (Reiki and more), sound, gentle, passive movement and most importantly, we encourage you to breathe and have an active and relaxed awareness of what you are feeling in the present moment.

Jacob will take care of your body work needs; whether you enjoy receiving a regular maintenance massage -which is the most beneficial way to use therapeutic body work- or you are in need of some special attention to an injury, or require rehabilitation movement after a surgery.

For those who are ready to take their health and well-being to the next level, ongoing Reiki classes are available.  Please see ‘Reiki’ for more details.

Come experience Euphoria Massage & Energetics in the nurturing, nourishing and revitalizing of your body, mind, emotions and spirit.


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Kris K.
0d ago

Jacob listened to my concerns and needs and focused on them. Even if I tried to endure the pain he would recognize and back off the pressure.

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