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Special COVID-19 message:

All non-essential services are required by state mandate to cease operations, this includes massage therapy and hands-on energy work. I will not be taking in-person massage or energy appointments, at least until the end of April. The intention of this is to curb the spread of this dangerous virus, and to keep the most vulnerable of us from contracting it, as well as to keep our health care systems, workers and facilities from being overrun and exhausted, should the number of severe cases spike, here. 

I am available for remote/ distant, or “oneness” Reiki sessions, either via video call, phone or without devices. Please contact me to schedule or to learn more. And, as always, I also have gift cards available (click) if you should feel like helping me out during lean times, and you really want a massage after we are all able to get back to “business as usual” ;).

Free resources for mental/ emotional health

Below is a short, guided meditation to help us keep our balance through this extraordinary time in human history.

I am offering a free, ongoing and participitory webcast/ zoom Reiki meditation practice for body/ mind balance. If you are interested, please do contact me at jacob@euphoriamassage.net to receive an invitation.

At Euphoria Massage & Energetics, we want to help you feel good and be at your best, and in your least stressed state of being.  We do this by helping you to relax as we use a combination of therapeutic massage, subtle energy (Reiki and more), sound, gentle, passive movement and most importantly, we encourage you to breathe and have an active and relaxed awareness of what you are feeling in the present moment.

Jacob will take care of your body work needs; whether you enjoy receiving a regular maintenance massage -which is the most beneficial way to use therapeutic body work- or you are in need of some special attention to an injury, or require rehabilitation movement after a surgery.

For those who are ready to take their health and well-being to the next level, ongoing Reiki classes are available.  Please see ‘Reiki’ for more details.

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