Reiki Classes

Traditional Reiki Training

Here at Euphoria Massage & Energetics we pride ourselves on researching and practicing the most authentic and traditional Reiki available.  We make it our mission to provide services of Reiki helaing and Reiki training that are the most in line with what Usui Mikao Sensei, the founder of the system of energy work, hands-on healing and spiritual healing actually practiced and taught, himself.

We employ teachings and techniques painstakingly and ongoingly researched and taught by Bronwen and Frans Stiene and the the International House of Reiki, and we teach from the experience in the field of Reiki and Energy work that Jacob Kelly has accrued over more than twelve years.  Frans and Bronwen have been writing books on Reiki and teaching it for an even longer time and have shared the beauty and simplicity of this wonderful system of spiritual healing with thousands of people around the globe.  Frans Stiene is one of Jacob’s Reiki teachers.

For more info on the International House of Reiki please visit their website at

Upcoming Classes

Level I classes

-There is an upcoming Shoden Reiki class (level 1 -beginning teachings) on May 6 & 7, 2017 in Colorado Springs, CO. The cost is $250 for early-bird registry, and $300 for later birds. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER! =)  Discounts available if you bring a friend (please contact us for details).

(Above: Jacob shares a bit of what is covered in the Reiki 1 classes)

Level II classes

-There is an upcoming Okuden class (Level 2 -inner teachings) coming up in fall of 2017, in Colorado Springs, CO.  In order to receive these teachings one must have already completed the level 1 teachings.

Level III classes

-There are no Shinpiden classes (Level 3 -mystery teachings) currently scheduled.

Call, email or text Jacob for more information or to register for classes.

If your are interested in Reiki training from Jacob Kelly, please contact him by e-mail or phone to register.

The Reiki Precepts

“For this day only

Do not be angry

Do not worry

Be diligent in your practice/ be honest in your work

Be compassion to yourself and others”


(This is a main part of the system of Reiki as taught by the founder, Mikao Usui.)

trainedbyshinpiden (1)Reiki Training

Reiki training is available in the form of tiered classes, levels 1, 2, and 3.  Jacob Kelly is a certified Reiki teacher -that is level 3- (sometimes referred to as a Master in the West, though becoming a master of anything takes a lifetime of dedication).   Jacob continues his Reiki education that began in 2004, by practicing meditation, contemplation of the precepts of Reiki and hands on healing daily. Jacob has been certified to teach under the Usui Shiki Ryhoho lineage since 2005, then received training in the Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho lineage, and is now Shinpiden (level 3 -“mystery teachings”) certified in the more traditional lineage of Japanese Reiki, Usui Reiki Ryoho which means Usui (the founder’s name) method of healing with Spiritual Energy.  This latter lineage -Usui Reiki Ryoho- is the lineage that is taught and passed down in Jacob’s classes.

The most notable difference between what can be delineated as Western Reiki -Reiki that has been changed from the more internal art of the East, to a more external healing method- and the more Traditional Japanese Reiki (what Jacob now teaches) is that the emphasis is less on hands-on healing, though this is certainly a main element of the system, and more on overall spiritual health and growth of the individual practicing Reiki.  Self-practice (meditation, getting to know and “be” the precepts of Reiki, and self hands-on healing) are the focus in our system of Reiki.  Then, like fire burning in the belly, heart and mind of the practitioner, that light naturally shines outward and is more available to share with others.



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